The Dive of your Life

Turneffe is the largest of the three atolls and the only one with an extensive cover of mangroves, featuring spectacular wall diving suitable for every level of diver. Because of its undeveloped, the atoll has an untouched marine life. Visibility is excellent, making it easy to enjoy the large school of horse-eye jacks, snapper, and permits. Turneffe Island makes the scuba diving an adventure like no other dive destination in the Caribbean. The vastness and variety of marine life and coral formations are truly unmatched.

The isolation, lack of any large scale development and the natural attributes of the atoll make it the most biologically diverse coral atoll in the Caribbean. Sixty species of birds live or migrate through here. The water teems with dolphins and sharks and crocodiles.

But it’s the fish that most people come for.

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With visibility up to 100 feet and such a rich marine environment we were able to see spotted eagle rays slowly flapping by like birds underwater, loggerhead turtles, colorful and diverse coral formations (soft and hard), big schools of creole wrasse which flash by in a blur of black and blue, tiny snapping shrimp (which really do snap), spotted toadfish, peppermint shrimp, dancing crabs and a remora (aka suckerfish) so big it had a smaller remora attached to it and lots more.


Turneffe is the closest atoll to Ambergris Caye and the largest of all the atolls. It has some of the most spectacular wall dives, with abundant healthy coral formations, colorful reefs and large sponges. Enjoy a panoramic display of crystal clear Caribbean water and island beauty as we transport you to Turneffe Atoll. Here you will be diving in the magnificent walls of Calabash Caye. These walls hold the largest shoals of fish you will ever see. An amazing wall dive at the Virgin Corals and its beautyful coral formations is guranteed to be one of the highlights of your dive trip.


Some spectacular diving awaits you here at the elbow, the southern tip of the atoll. Here you will experience the ultimate in wall diving. The currents here supply a natural concentration of food which accounts for the huge numbers of fish and other marine life found here, also some of the largest gorgonians (sea fans) to be found anywhere, sway gently in the current providing a spectacular back drop to the explosion of marine life encountered as you drift along this unique dive site.

Turneffe North/Elbow Diving details.

Turneffe: $230 All Rates are in US dollars and are subject to Sales Tax.