Diving The 2nd Largest Coral Reef in the World

Start your day with a two tank local dive! Conveniently The Barrier Reef is just about 5-10 minutes away from our dive center, where you will experience some great diving. Amigos del Mar provides a convenient complimentary pick-up at most hotel/resort docks. Once you've checked in our experienced dive masters will help you set up your gear. Once on board one of our dive masters will provide you with a briefing of the dive site, upon completion you will be assisted with your gear in preparation for the dive.

Its beauty & complexity is truly a wonder of the world.

Inside the reef the water is shallow, with a blue tinge; outside the reef the water is deep and from the air shows a dark royal blue. On very clear days the reef appears as a narrow yellow line dividing the two shades of blue. Only near Ambergris Caye does the reef run so close to a well-populated caye. Here it is an almost so!id wall of magnificent coral formation broken only by narrow channels called "quebradas". Here an observant diver can be kept entertained for hours on end by the unending variety, shapes and colours of the tropical coral.

The reef wall is formed by numerous colonies of living, breathing invertebrates, coral polyps. The various species of coral that form the reef are carnivorous tube-shaped polyps that live within a hard, protective skeleton formed by excreting calcium carbonite. The various colors and formations of these layers of calcium carbonite, called corallites, are the inspiration behind the various species names such as elkhorn, brain, large star, finger and plate corals.

All our dives are drift dives, not of strong current, but the dive is planned as a multi-level to extend the bottom time. This is where you can enjoy your dive gliding above the incredible finger canon formations. The reef has an abundance of marine life that divers love as the fish are friendly and the terrain is a joy and wonder to navigate. After your first dive you are transported to the dive center where you can enjoy a fresh water rinse, fruits and relax for the one hour surface interval.