Night Diving at HolChan Marine Reserve

Night diving is something all divers should try. If you haven't logged one yet, then our night dives are not to be missed. In particular, some of the most interesting marine life only comes out a night. Observe the Nocturnal reef critters go about their business under the cover of darkness. Our night dives are very easy with a maximum depth of 28ft and sheltered by the barrier reef. The night dive tour is done at HolChan Marine Reserve. Because of its protected area this dive site holds the best nocturnal marine life. With frequent octopus and invertebrates surrounding you, this is truly a 60 minute night dive adding an unforgettable dive to your diving experience.

Experience what happens when the sun goes down

At night, you can find Parrot fish asleep with a mucous membrane surrounding their bodies to confuse their predators. Shine your flashlight into coral crevices and find brittle starfish, red hermit crabs, and shrimp’s eyes reflecting back at you. If you’re lucky, you’ll see an octopus change colors to reflect its mood before your eyes. Shine your light into an anemone or a hermit crab and watch them feed on the worms that your light attracts.

Night dives are schedule everyday- leaves at 6:00 pm (Except Sundays) with a minimum of 2 divers to confirm. Depending on weather condition or upon requests night dives are also done outside the reef.

Night Diving details:

Night Dive: One Tank Dive at Hol Chan: $60 All Rates are in US dollars and are subject to Sales Tax.