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Offshore Diving

Get ready to embark into amazing, breathtaking dives you will ever experience. Come aboard our superb "56 Footer" dive boat and prepare yourself for the three most spectacular dives you will ever experience in one day. These three amazing destinations for the day are Lighthouse Reef home to the great "Blue Hole" & Half Moon Caye, Turneffe North where you will explore astounding marine life and Turneffe Elbow recognized for its fine walls and impressive drop-off.

The day starts off as early as 6:00am, departing from our dive center and returning back later in the evening at 5:30pm. We make sure everything is in place; gears, breakfast, lunch and refreshers. We want you to have the time of a lifetime on our full day dive package, which is why we make sure you have a safe and successful day. We prioritize our customers and make sure they are satisfied to the max in every way possible.

The Blue HoleStalactite

The Blue Hole, located in the center of Lighthouse Reef Atoll is a 1000 foot circular coral reef that drops over 400 feet into an incredible cavern. It is filled with stalactites and awe inspiring natural formations. Half Moon Caye and the Aquarium/Eagle Ray are teaming with marine life and numerous varieties of colorful corals like sponges, fans and gorgonians. These wall dives are the most pristine and exotic dives of Belize. Also enjoy a leisurely picnic on the palm fringed beach of Half Moon Caye, followed by a visit to the Boobie Bird Sanctuary.

The Blue HolePicnic at Turneffe

Turneffe Atoll

Turneffe is the largest of the three atolls and the only one with an extensive cover of mangroves, featuring spectacular wall diving suitable for every level of diver. Home to the famous Elbow, which is well known for its currents and abundant schools of fish.


Turneffe Atoll Map



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