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Amigos Instructor

Live the experience of a lifetime: discover the wonders of the coral reef under the guidance of a fully certified scuba Instructor:

Amigos del Mar is an Authorized SSI and SDI dive center. All our instructors are certified by SSI and SDI to teach strict safely standards and procedures. Going on Discover Scuba 'Resort Course' dive is a great way to find out if you like Scuba Diving and for most people it opens their eyes to amazing underwater world!  Diving in the Barrier Reef is super easy to do and only requires the ability to swim (and of course passing the medical exam!).  



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If you are planning a vacation but you do not feel the need to sit in class room, then you will enjoy the E-Learning course.
S.D.I & S.S.I
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Open Water   

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Looking to discover how it feels like to breathe underwater and take a glimpse at how amazing our reef is? Then book your Discover Scuba Diving Experience
S.D.I & S.S.I
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Referral Certifications

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If you are visiting our unique and exotic country and would like to finish your course while on vacation, we will be more than happy to help you complete your course. These Course Include:
Referral Scuba Diver Certification: S.D.I & S.S.I
Referral Open Water Certification: S.D.I & S.S.I
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Advanced Open Water

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Still want or gain more dives and become a greater diver then take advantage in doing our Advanced Open Water Course.
S.D.I & S.S.I
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Emergency Courses

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Diving has become a passion for you and you have decided on becoming a professional or you would like to be more knowledgable in diving, then we have the right course for you.
Emergency First Response: S.D.I & S.S.I
Rescue Course: S.D.I & S.S.I
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Master Scuba Diver

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Still want more then take the ultimate challenge in recreation by becoming a Master Scuba
S.D.I & S.S.I
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Dive Master Course

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Or if you want to start your way as a professional then we will be elated to help you become a connoisseur and experienced trained dive master.
S.D.I & S.S.I
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